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Glen Earhart
Phone: 970-731-3665

Gwen Gold
Phone: 970-946-2807

Todd King
Phone: 505-215- 3987
Matt Lawlor
Chris Liby
George Martin
Phone: 970-883-3333
Molly McCloud
Phone: 970-749-5989
Danny Murphy
Phone: 970-749-0881
Trevor Packard
Johnny Samora
Phone: 970-739-0813
Dan Verniero
Phone: 970-799-9888
Mile Wheeler
Phone: 970-560-1063

Boarding (B) Overnight (O) Winter Pasture (W) if known – Stables and Boarding

J Bar J Ranch (B)
3320 CR 203
Durango C0
Phone: 970-759-3124

Stone Peak Ranch (B, W)
6365 CR 334
Ignacio Co
Phone: 970-883-5386

Palmer Quarter Horses (B)
4140 CR 234
Durango Co
Phone: 970-247-1694

Sky Ute Event Center (B) (O)
200 Highway 151
Ignacio Co
Phone: 970-563-5541

Wonuka Farm (B) (O) (Kennel also)
3705 CR 250
Durango Co
Phone: 970-259-8848

Feed & Farm Supply Stores/ Hay Sources

Basin Coop
Durango Co
Phone: 970-247-3066

Boot Hill Feed & Tack
Pagosa Springs Co
Phone: 970-264-2640

EquiPride Distributor
Phone: 970-884-2538

Geisinger Feed Grains
Phone: 970-739-3929

Hitchin’ Post Saddlery
Contact: John Kelly
Cortez Co
Phone: 970-799-4475

IFA Country Store
Cortez Co
Phone: 970-565-3077

Tractor Supply
Durango Co
Phone: 970-375-6283

Valley Feed
Bayfield Co
Phone: 970-884- 2400

Tack & Horse Equipment

Basin Coop
Durango Co
Phone: 970-247-3066

Boot Hill Feed & Tack
Pagosa Springs Co
Phone: 970-264-2640

Case Saddlery
Phone: 565-8687

East Main Trade Center
Phone: 505-326- 7474

IFA Country Store
Phone: 970-565-3077

Out West Saddlery
Pagosa Springs Co
Phone: 970-264-2524

OW Saddle Repair
Durango Co
Phone: 970-749-9233

Quien Sabe Trading & Cowboy Pro Shop
Bloomfield NM
Phone: 505-632- 2855

Riverbend Saddle Shop
Phone: 970-588-2202

Shane Ranch & Saddlery: Saddle, Tack, & Boot Repair
Cortez CO
Phone: 970-562-4349

Skyhorse Saddle Company
Durango CO
Phone: 970-385-7660

W Bar S Saddlery
Durango CO
Phone: 970-946-4889

Veterinarians: Large Animal

Ben Hufnagel
Bayfield/Durango Co
Phone: 970-946-4550

Centennial Equine Sports Medicine
Contact: Greg Bell
Phone: 970-731-4100

Elk Park Veterinary Service
Contact: Gretchen Pearson
Pagosa Springs Co
Phone: 970-731-6400

Gerald Koppenhafer
Phone: 970-533-7768

Jennifer Kowalski
Durango Co
Phone: 970-759-1310

Montezuma Veterinary Clinic Group practice
Cortez Co
Phone: 970-565-7567

Pagosa Vet Clinic
Contact: John Eustis
Pagosa Springs Co
Phone: 970-264-2629

San Juan Veterinary Hospital
Contact: Kitzel Farrah
Phone: 970-264-2629

Southwest Veterinary Service
Contact: Jeff Warren
Durango Co
Phone: 970-247-9414

Susan Grabbe
Cortez Co
Phone: 970- 560-4054

Richard Perce
Bayfield Co